On June 12, 2006, we ran the above ad in the Hill Times, the Ottawa-based weekly that reports on government and political affairs. In the picture frame, we put the portrait of the Hon. Jim Prentice, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, that the Parliament of Canada uses on its web site. To emphasize that Prentice and the Conservatives speak with "forked tongues" in their dealings with the Lubicon, we added a forked tongue to Prentice's portrait. The ad was very effective. The Canadian Press ran a story about it.

Well, someone was not amused. On June 19, 2006, a very pleasant lawyer from the House of Commons sent us a letter asking us to "Kindly cease and desist" from using the Minister's portrait as the copyright was owned by the House of Commons. Also, the lawyer told us that putting a forked tongue on the Minister was "an infringement of the moral rights of the House of Commons." Would that the "moral rights" of the Lubicon were as important as a touch of graffiti on a Minister's picture paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

While we can't show the picture of Minister Prentice with a forked tongue, we can help you imagine what it looked like. First, open this link to the Minister's picture. It will open in a new window so as not to infringe copyright. Second, go to Google Images. Search on "forked tongue." Choose the "forked tongue" you think that best represents the Minister's mistreatment of the Lubicon. And, third imagine the forked tongue coming out of the Minister's mouth as he speaks about his concern for the Lubicon.

You can help the Lubicon by sending the Hon. Jim Prentice's an e-mail at Prentice.J@parl.gc.ca asking him stop speaking with a forked tongue about the Lubicon.

According to Canadian Press

Lubicon land issues to be heard by UN

Edmonton (04/04/06) -- Canada will be forced to answer to the United Nations this spring for its decision not to recognize the self-government rights of the Lubicon First Nation in Northern Alberta.

Lubicon adviser Fred Lennarson said the federal government has been ordered to appear before the United Nations committee on economic, social and cultural rights on May 5 and 8 in Geneva.

In preparation for the hearing, Amnesty International made a submission to the UN, pleading the case of the Lubicon people.

The Lubicon are Cree people who were missed when a federal commission negotiated Treaty 8 in Alberta in 1899. They were largely ignored until the land they inhabit -- and never surrendered via the treaty -- became valuable for its oil, gas and forest resources. CP

A coalition of organizations including Amnesty International, KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, Lubicon Legal Defence Fund, Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) and Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity are collecting names for a petition that will presented in the House of Commons.

PLEASE, download the petition in either English or French, print as many copies as you need, and collect as many names and addresses as you can. Return the petition to the Lubicon Legal Defence Fund.

The English information backgrounder for the petition is available here, and the French version here.

THANK YOU for helping the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation.


"Prime Minister Martin's Crimes Against the Lubicon show his government's true policies ... endless negotiations intended to produce failure, subversion of constitutional rights, plunder of Lubicon lands, and avoidance of financial and social obligations."

Download the complete podcast by Ron Kaplansky, Trustee of the Lubicon Legal Defence Fund. (8 minutes. 3.74 MB). In Internet Explorer, right click on link and select "Save Target As...". If using Firefox, right click on link and select "Save Link As...".

Lubicon Podcast Radio Spot #1
Lubicon Podcast Radio Spot #2
Lubicon Podcast Radio Spot #3
Lubicon Podcast Radio Spot #4

(For broadcast quality MP3 files, please e-mail info@lubicon.ca)

Protest postcards in PDF format are available here for Prime Minister Paul Martin, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, and Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott.

On July 4, 2005, The Hill Times -- Ottawa's political newspaper -- ran an op-ed column by Ron Kaplansky, Trustee, entitled "Prime Minister Martin's bad faith policies towards Lubicon."

The Lubicon Legal Defence Fund has prepared a radio campaign to run in politically important areas in Canada until the next election. The ads will highlight Prime Minister Martin's misleading assertions that the Lubicon land settlement is a priority for his government, and that his government is negotiating in good faith. Nothing could be further from the truth. Download an MP3 file of the ad here.

Lubicon Legal Defence Fund letter and supporters' actions prompts major changes in Federal government's negotiating team. See News and Updates.

Lubicon Legal Defence Fund asked the Hon. Andrew Mitchell, the former Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to investigate government's chief negotiator. See letter.

The Lubicon Legal Defence Fund's "Prime Minster Chrétien, Keep Your Promise" Campaign. [This campaign is now finished. Chrétien did not keep his promise. The LLDF's activities are now directed towards Prime Minister Paul Martin.]

Campaign News and Updates. Most downloadable files can be found here.

A Brief, History of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation 1975-1995

The Lubicon Lake Indian Nation:
A Time Line 1939-2002. (PDF)

Map of location and area of Lubicon Lake Indian Nation Traditional Territory. (PDF)
Images of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation. (PDF)

How You Can Help the Lubicon Right Now

  1. Please, e-mail Prime Minister Paul Martin at pm@pm.gc.ca. or go to the Prime Minister web page and use his feedback form. Ask him to keep the promise Prime Minister Chretien and the Liberal Party made to the people of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation. Ask him to conclude a fair settlement with them now.

  2. Become a Lubicon Legal Defence Fund supporter and help make Prime Minister Martin keep Prime Minster Chrétien's and the Liberal Party's promise to the Lubicon.

  3. The people of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation need your help. Please, contribute to the Lubicon Legal Defence Fund and the Keep Your Promise Campaign.

Background Information, Articles,
Interviews, & Selected Links
Amnesty International Report on the Lubicon, released 8 April 2003, "Time is Wasting": Respect for the land rights of the Lubicon Cree long overdue. Download PDF file.

Friends of the Lubicon: the leading organization working for the Lubicon, a definitive repository of current and historical information on the Lubicon's struggle.

The Lubicon Archive: mail outs of the Lubicon Nation, and related materials. Over the years some of the materials have been distributed electronically through the NATIVE-L mailing list and various other distribution systems.
Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity : an Ottawa/Hull-based organization. NativeNet: Lubicon articles from the NATIVE-L mailing list.
Entry: Aboriginal Claims in Alberta - Lubicon Lake Claim: from University of Alberta site that "focuses on comprehensive land claims (land claims), treaty land entitlements, and specific claims that have been settled or are still being negotiated by First Nations in Canada [and acts] as an instruction tool for the special library bibliographic instruction sessions that I teach for Canadian Studies and Political Science classes at the University of Alberta."

Article: Lubicon - "Time for Action" (Mennonite Central Committee)

Article: The Lubicon Cree: Still No Settlement After All These Years by Bernard Ominayak with Ed Bianchi

Letter from Citizens for Public Justice to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, November 2002.